Preparing for Your Service

Claire aims to provide you with the best quality services, therefore a consultation is crucial to achieving your best hair. Very few clients understand all that goes into color theory and the chemical process behind it. The following information is extremely important to be aware of when you are receiving any color or chemical service. Please read through the following information before your consultation. Each client has a personal responsibility of being upfront and honest about hair history as well as any medication they are currently taking as both of these things can severely affect the outcome of services rendered. Please take note that any damage caused to the hair as a result of undivulged information is not the responsibility of the stylist.


Color History

Below is a list of topics you should address during your consultation:

  • previously over-processed hair- by repeatedly layering dyes over porous pre-lightened hair

  • taking prescription medication- medication can inadvertently alter the bonds of the hair (specifically methotrexate, sulfa based medications)

  • thermal damage- over-use of hot tools

  • use of metallic dyes, salts, or minerals- (box color) or use of "over mineralized well water" chemicals may cause negative reaction to services using lightener

  • use of henna or vegetable dyes- chemicals may cause negative reaction to services using lightener

  • permed or relaxed hair- chemicals such as these may cause negative reaction to services using lightener


If you are currently under the care of a doctor, it is your responsibility to research if your color services are compatible with any prescription medication, medical, or cancer treatment you are currently undergoing or have used prior to your color service appointment.  Your stylist is not a trained medical professional and may not be familiar with any adverse reactions caused by medications. Please contact your doctor if you are unsure and need to clarify or confirm that it is safe to color your hair during your medication use/treatment.

Colors & Stages of Lift

There are 10-12 levels of lift. 10/12 being the absolute lightest and 1 being the darkest black. There is a chart for your reference to help set expectations for what may be available for your first session. Your first session it is average to expect between 1-3 levels of lift. Any sessions (on a case by case basis) exceeding 3 hours is considered a color correction and priced accordingly.  

Below, you will find the underlying pigments exposed when the hair is color treated. These tones are unavoidable but can be neutralized temporarily. In order to maintain these tones in the hair, maintenance is recommended every 4-8 weeks.

New Color Chart.jpg